Cartier Fountain Pens

The Cartier name has been synonymous with luxury and quality since 1847 thanks to the jewelry and fashion accessories that the company has produced. The addition of fountain pens of outstanding quality has been a more recent occurrence but it carries the same standard of excellence into the pen industry as it has with its other creations.

The range of fountain pens that have been produced by the company have been designed to cater for all styles and budgets. There are examples being sold occasionally for under $100 but the majority are up above the $400.00.

The Cartier fountain pens have rhodium plated gold nibs and variously come with trims made of platinum or gold or in some cases materials such as resin or onyx. There are no real flashy colors or designs on the barrels of the Cartier pens. Black, dark red, blue lacquer, white, silver, gold are the most dominant colors used with just some of the Limited Edition releases featuring more adventurous colors and designs.

The fountain pens made by Cartier are the perfect choice as a gift for a special occasion or as an addition to a valuable piece collection. The various different models and limited editions have been created with fine detail work that ensures the elegance and quality of the finished product. There is a certain artistry in the design of the Cartier pens and may not necessarily meant to be used on a daily basis.

Browse through the range of Cartier fountain pens that are listed for sale below. These luxury fountain pens represent some of the more collectable available and some of the rarer models and Limited Edition pens will not be available all the time.

Cartier Diabolo

Cartier Pasha

Cartier Trinity

Cartier Roadster