Aurora Alpha Fountain Pen

The Aurora Alpha fountain pen has been designed to provide a great level of balance while making use of a traditional shape and style. This is a contemporary fountain pen that has been made by one of the leading pen manufacturers in Europe. The barrel of the pen is sleek and it has been given […] Read more »

Aurora 88 Fountain Pen

Those with a true sense of history will love the Aurora 88 fountain pen. This is a classic pen that was made by a company that truly crafted their fountain pens with great skill. Collectors of the Aurora 88 are rewarded with a pen of great distinction and style and really give you a taste […] Read more »

Aurora Ipsilon Fountain Pen

The Aurora Ipsilon fountain pen is one of the pens that typifies the quality and balance that makes you appreciate writing with a good pen. The Ipsilon and the Ipsilon Deluxe fountain pens are both for sale below at discounted prices. The Aurora Ipsilon fountain pen is an attractively designed pen without it being overly […] Read more »

Aurora Optima Fountain Pen

The Aurora Optima fountain pen is a pen that has been created with great attention to detail. It is a pen that has been made by a company that know pens and they also know what writers require. Take a look at the range of Aurora Optima fountain pens for sale below. These pens are […] Read more »

Aurora Asia Fountain Pen

The Aurora Asia is one of the quality fountain pens produced by the Aurora Pen Company from Italy. This is a midsized fountain pen measuring 5 x 1-3.4 inches. The pen is fitted with an 18K gold nib that is available in either regular or italic point. The Aurora Asia fountain pen takes the company’s […] Read more »

Aurora Talentum Fountain Pen

The style of the Aurora fountain pens, as well as the performance that can be counted on, means that Aurora fountain pens continue to build a loyal following. The Aurora Talentum fountain pen features a simple yet elegantly refined look and has a wide body that puts it into the large class but the weight […] Read more »

Aurora Riflessi Fountain Pen

One of the truly beautiful Aurora fountain pens is the Aurora Riflessi. This pen features a sterling silver designed body that both captures and reflects the light for a pen that almost looks as if it glows. The silver overlay that distinguishes the pen has been placed on the Optima body in a deeply etched […] Read more »

Aurora Fountain Pens

The Italian craftsmanship that has gone into Aurora fountain pens is easily seen and greatly admired and appreciated. These pens are exquisite works of art that are worth every cent. Fountain pens created by the Aurora Pen Company have been produced with extreme care since 1919 in Torino, Italy. Over the years there has been […] Read more »