Laban Fountain Pen Gallery

Enjoy this fountain pen gallery featuring some of the designs and finishes of the Laban fountain pen collections. Mento Series The Laban Mento series is one of the most distinctive series of fountain pens in the Laban range with its oversized body and the rich, bright colors and patterns. Autumn Flake Blue Tornado Celebration Tortoise […] Read more »

Laban Celebration Fountain Pen

The Laban Celebration fountain pen is another visually attractive pen that not only looks very good but also feels great and writes smoothly. The pens in the Celebration range feature resin barrels that have been given a multi-colored finish and these finishes are available in a variety of different combinations including black and red, black […] Read more »

Laban Enamel Fountain Pen

The Laban Enamel series of fountain pens is a visually impressive collection of pens with the emphasis on the featured colors and design of the barrel providing the distinctive appeal. The size and shape of the Laban Enamel fountain pen sits within the standard range with the pen length being 14.1cm capped and 15.9cm posted. […] Read more »

Laban Fountain Pens

The Laban Pen Corporation was established in 1981 by brothers John and Charles Hu. The aim of the company was to produce high quality silver and rhodium-plated writing instruments. Over the years the company has expanded its range of pens and the quality has continued to be high with an impressive collection of fountain pens […] Read more »

Laban Labrados Fountain Pen

The Laban Labrados fountain pen features a black resin barrel that has been overlaid with a decorative design either in gold or silver. It is the overlay design that makes this particular model a distinctive one for the Laban Pen Company. As with many pen models in the Laban range the Labrados is quite large […] Read more »

Laban Scepter Fountain Pen

The Laban Scepter fountain pen model features a fluted body that looks sleek and is comfortable to hold. The pen is available in a range of eye-catching colors and patterns to provide the collector and fountain pen aficionado with a smooth writing instrument that will be a pleasure to own. The pen features a stainless […] Read more »

Laban Mento Fountain Pen

The Laban Mento fountain pen is a wonderful resin fountain pen that not only provides a classical looking shape but performs well and won’t break the bank. In terms of the pens appearance, it can be classed as a more traditional shape with the classic cigar shape profile. Although this is a large pen it […] Read more »

Laban Kaiser Fountain Pen

The Laban Kaiser fountain pens are notable for the hand painted designs that are used to decorate them. These antique fountain pens comprise Antique Ivory resin barrels and it is the barrel that is used as a canvas for the most delicate of painted designs. So that the painted work is preserved the barrel is […] Read more »

Laban Expression Fountain Pen

The Laban Expression fountain pen is described as a pocket pen measuring only 4” in length when capped. The pen is quite an attractive one with its petite profile making it quite unique among most other makes and models of fountain pens. There are a number of fountain pens available that are smaller in stature […] Read more »