Lamy ST Fountain Pen

The Lamy ST fountain pen is a sleek and modern looking fountain pen that makes use of the shiny stainless steel finish for a professional look and feel. The smooth and narrow body leads down to a ribbed plastic grip that ensures a comfortable grip for the fingers. At the other end, the cap features […] Read more »

Lamy Scala Fountain Pen

The Lamy Scala fountain pen is a modern looking fountain pen that will suit the professional who enjoys the refinement of a smooth working instrument. The matte black body of the pen is encased at either end by a high-gloss chrome-plated grip and cap to give an impressive contrast. The pen is nicely weighted to […] Read more »

Lamy Logo Fountain Pen

The Lamy Logo fountain pen is a sleek and stylish metal finished pen that is available either in brushed metal or stainless steel. The brushed steel version of the pen has a polished stainless steel clip as well as polished stainless steel rings at the grip. All of these highlights are capped off with more […] Read more »

Lamy Nexx Fountain Pen

The Lamy Nexx fountain pen was created as another way of reaching out to the writing public in a bid to make using a fountain pen fun. The body of the pen is made from aluminium and the section has been given a slice of comfort thanks to the rubber grip. But the distinctive aspect […] Read more »

Lamy Linea Fountain Pen

The Lamy Linea fountain pen is made out of anodised aluminum and sports a slim profile to give it a clean and modern appearance. There are subtle differences between within the range with a choice of a herringbone, grid or stripe pattern which has been pressed into the barrel. Although the pen is quite narrow […] Read more »

Lamy Safari Fountain Pen

The Lamy Safari fountain pen is a design that was originally intended for use by younger writers who were learning to use a fountain pen. The larger diameter of the pen and the ergonomically shaped section were both part of the comfort features that help the writer to use the pen with a grip that […] Read more »

Lamy 2000 Fountain Pen

The Lamy 2000 fountain pen was first released in the 1960s and was the flagship fountain pen of the range. It’s longevity can be put down to the clean lines and smooth minimalist nature of the design. It is a design that will continue to look good and appear relevant in a modern era. The […] Read more »

Lamy Accent Fountain Pen

The Lamy Accent fountain pen provides the possibility of customising part of the pen based on their personal preferences. In this case the grip section of the pen in removable and it can be swapped with other sections to give the pen a slightly different look. The barrel of the pen is straight and smooth […] Read more »

Lamy Dialog 3 Fountain Pen

The Lamy Dialog 3 fountain pen is an unusual design because it is a fountain pen without a cap. The mechanism that allows this pen to function without drying out is a retractable nib that is moved in and out through a twist mechanism in the pen barrel. The look of the pen is somewhat […] Read more »

Lamy Joy Fountain Pen

The Lamy Joy fountain pen is more properly a fountain calligraphy pen in style and function. The pen has a narrow body when compared to more traditional fountain pens and is designed to be held for extended periods. It comes with a choice of three different color options: black barrel with a black cap, white […] Read more »