Parker 61 Fountain Pen

The Parker 61 fountain pen was first released in 1956 and introduced a new filling system that involved capillary action that involved immersing the nib of the pen in the ink bottle, a far easier process than unscrewing the body or using an eyedropper. The 61 went through many different designs and subtle variations, so […] Read more »

Parker 50 Fountain Pen

The Parker 50 fountain pen was first released in 1978 and was made available new until 1982. The pen is also known as the Falcon and it was a redesign on the Parker T1 fountain pen which was an all-titanium pen that proved too costly to produce. In the case of the 50 the design […] Read more »

Parker Super 21 Fountain Pen

The Parker Super 21 fountain pen is an improvement on the originally released 21, first being introduced to the public in 1956. As with the 21 the Super 21 looks very similar to the more popular and widely used 51.The Super 21 has an updated hood to provide it with greater durability and less inclination […] Read more »

Parker Inflection Fountain Pen

The Parker Inflection fountain pen is a more recent release that started its run in 2001 and was in production until the company discontinued it in 2004. It was first released around the time when a few changes were going on with the company. The Inflection, though is certainly recognisable as a part of the […] Read more »

Parker Reflex Fountain Pen

The Parker Reflex fountain pen was first released in 1999 and is a low-priced school pen that serves very nicely as an entry level pen. The pen has a plastic barrel with a black rubberized soft grip section and the trims are chrome consisting of an arrow clip and a band at the top of […] Read more »

Parker Challenger Fountain Pen

The Parker Challenger fountain pen was first released in 1934 and continued to be sold until 1940. The pen was made in three different models: the Challenger; the Deluxe Challenger; and the Royal Challenger. Each of these versions of the pen were also available in a couple of different sizes, the standard which measures around […] Read more »

Parker Jotter Fountain Pen

The Parker Jotter fountain pen has been released as an affordable everyday writer that only those who want a simple but effective pen should bother buying. The barrel is plastic and is quite light in weight and it is of a rather unremarkable appearance. This confirms the fact that it is meant to be a […] Read more »

Parker 17 Fountain Pen

The Parker 17 fountain pen is one of the cheaper and very accessible fountain pens from the Parker range in the 1950s and 1960s. It was released with a couple of different nib types with the earlier pens sporting the Duofold nib style and the later pens using the hooded nib that was used on […] Read more »

Parker 21 Fountain Pen

The Parker 21 fountain pen has been around for many years and is the subject of a few cases of mistaken identity thanks to its close resemblance to the far more popular 51. When you look more closely at the 21 you will notice that the hood of the 21, while made to look like […] Read more »

Parker Vector Fountain Pen

The Parker Vector fountain pen is a smooth looking pen that is suitable for the everyday use of a student or a professional. It is a working man’s fountain pen rather than a pen you would buy to look upon and admire. That being said, the Vector is a lightweight pen that is reminiscent to […] Read more »