Waterman Apostrophe Fountain Pen

The Waterman Apostrophe Fountain Pen has a distinctively look to the other Waterman pens displayed above with a noticeably straighter body. But the Apostrophe has a delicately smooth nib that glides nicely and the pen is neatly balanced. The pen is optional fill either by cartridge or bottle. The Waterman Apostrophe Fountain Pen comes in […] Read more »

Waterman Fountain Pens

Waterman is a French pen company that has been producing quality fountain pens for well over a hundred years. The pens that have been produced during that time have been consistent in their timeless quality and attention to detail. For this reason they continue to be much sought after by collectors of quality fountain pens […] Read more »

Waterman Phileas Fountain Pen

The reasonable pricing of the Waterman Phileas fountain pen is a big attraction to this entry level pen.  There are a number of pens that are suitable for the beginner who has not had a lot of fountain pen experience and the Waterman Phileas fountain pen is certainly one that the beginner would do well […] Read more »

Waterman Expert Fountain Pen

Waterman pens represent a company that has gone all out in an effort to create fountain pens of exquisite style and elegance. The colors give the pens a prestigious look each with a style that makes them look distinctive. The finish is very elegant with a striking deep grey lacquer. It has a graphic, symmetrical […] Read more »

Waterman Harmonie Fountain Pen

The Waterman Harmonie fountain pen is a contemporary looking fountain pen with a modern streamlined design and fresh, subtle colors. The Harmonie is the perfect type of pen to take to a business meeting or for any professional who needs a pen that looks the part. The types of fountain pens that are part of […] Read more »

Waterman Exception Fountain Pen

The Waterman Exception fountain pen is available for sale here with all variations and colors available. Browse through the fountain pens displayed below to find one that appeals to your taste and design. At the bottom of the page we have also included a brief review of the Exception. So what is the exception with […] Read more »

Waterman Audace Fountain Pen

This is a fountain pen that was designed specifically for the female writer. The modern design and the patterns are distinctive and have been tailored to meet the personality of the user and that use is going to be a woman. This is a low priced fountain pen for the modern woman that not only […] Read more »

Waterman Charleston Fountain Pen

The Waterman Charleston fountain pen is a classical looking pen with a flowing shape that curves nicely in the middle of the barrel. It is the type of fountain pen those who want a good solid pen in their hands would choose. The finish of the Charleston is deep and reflective and extremely alluring with […] Read more »

Waterman Carene Fountain Pen

The Waterman Carene fountain pen is available in one of seven different finishes. Choose from the latest release colors of vivid red, vivid blue, frosty brown, charcoal grey, black sea with silver trims, black sea with gold trims and marine amber. This is a high end fountain pen with a smooth, modern appearance with the […] Read more »

Waterman Edson Fountain Pen

The Waterman Edson fountain pen was first released in the mid-1990s and commemorates Lewis Edson Waterman, the founder of Waterman Pens. The Waterman Edson is the flagship of the Waterman fountain pen range and it is a beautiful looking fountain pen. As well as the regular release the Edson has also been released in a […] Read more »