Edison Hudson Fountain Pen

The Edison Hudson fountain pen is part of the company’s Production Line series of pens and is an extremely comfortable pen that sits in the hand beautifully. It is a smooth writer that simply flows across the page no matter whether you are using the 18K gold nib or the steel nib.

Edison Hudson Fountain Pen

The Hudson is a substantial pen when looking at its size. It measures 5.5 inches capped and 6.75 when the cap is posted. The balance of the pen is far better when using it unposted and it would probably make more sense not to post the cap. However, if you prefer to use your pen posted you can be assured that the cap will remain in place nice and tightly.

Take a look at the range of available Edison Hudson fountain pens that are currently being offered for sale. The finishes are very attractive and the acrylics used ensure that the pens have a distinguished and highly polished look so make sure you click through to each product page to get a more complete description of each pen being offered for sale.

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The design of the pen is unpretentious with clean lines that form a classic shape and there are no embellishments such as rings or special markings. The pen barrel is made from resin and is all about the promise of comfort and shows off the subtle color changes (for the ruby or emerald) nicely. The cap is adorned with an understated, functional rhodium clip.

Identifying features include a small engraved section stating Edison Pen Co. Hudson along the barrel and the scrollwork and logo and name are engraved on the pen nib.

The pen is available in a range of colors including black, ruby and emerald and the subtle swirls along the barrel catch the light to create an effect that complements the lines of the pen nicely. The nib sizes available are fine, medium and broad.

The Hudson takes standard cartridges and it comes with a converter.

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