Lamy Linea Fountain Pen

The Lamy Linea fountain pen is made out of anodised aluminum and sports a slim profile to give it a clean and modern appearance. There are subtle differences between within the range with a choice of a herringbone, grid or stripe pattern which has been pressed into the barrel.

Lamy Linea Fountain Pen

Although the pen is quite narrow its aluminum facade makes it slightly heavier than you might originally expect given its size. However when comparing the pen to the more usual standard sized fountain pen it is on the light side. It will feel extremely comfortable in a smaller hand.

Take a look at the range of available Lamy Linea fountain pens that are currently being offered for sale. This is a pen that is neither fancy nor garish in its appearance but it does hold a distinguished modern attitude with subtle variations etched into the body of the pen. Make sure you click through to each product page to get a more complete description of each pen being offered for sale.

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The dimensions of the pen are as follows: 13.6cm capped and 16.6cm when posted.

The Linea has a stainless steel nib that is very typical of many of the usual Lamy nibs. It should provide few problems when starting it out with a nice thick wet line being produced.The choice of nib widths that are available includes extra fine, fine, medium and broad.

The Linea comes with a standard ink cartridge and it is also possible to refill the pen using a converter. The Lamy T10 ink cartridge is perfect for this fountain pen.

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