Parker Fountain Pens

The Parker Pen Company has been making quality fountain pens since 1888 and many of these pens have become icons of their times. These days the company is still producing fountain pens of outstanding quality that many people still like to use and appreciate for the quality of workmanship that has been put into every pen.

Through the years the company has made pens for wide-ranging budgets from the everyday writing instrument to the more sophisticated look. In all of these years the design and technology was an industry leader and many of the innovations that were brought out by Parker were eventually adapted by other companies.

The use of precious metals, stainless steel and lacquer finishes as well as the decorative and unusual patterns has been a consistent feature of the company and adds to the appeal of the models that were produced over the years.

Possibly the best known and commonly owned out of the vast Parker range is the Parker 51, a pen that is still appreciated and avidly collected today. There are numerous Parker fountain pens that have become the object of a significant number of followers and even today when fewer fountain pens are being sold, the market is still very strong for these pens.

Listed below are some of the most popular Parker fountain pen models and they are a mixture of the original older fountain pens as well as some of the pens that are still being released and sold today. More information about each of these pens is being added very day.


Parker Information and Sales


Parker 17

Parker 21

Parker 45

Parker 50

Parker 51

Parker 61

Parker 75

Parker Challenger

Parker Duofold

Parker Frontier

Parker Inflection

Parker Jotter

Parker Latitude

Parker Premier

Parker Reflex

Parker Sonnet

Parker Super 21

Parker Vector