Pelikan M205 Fountain Pen

The Pelikan M205 fountain pen has the simple yet elegant design that is particular to all of the pens in the Pelikan range. This is one of the smaller statured fountain pens in the Pelikan range and the lines are clean and conventional. In short, it is a pen that has been created as a smoothly functional writing tool.

Pelikan M205

Upon closer inspection there are aspects of the M205 that will appeal to many tastes. The ink window located at the top of the section is smoothly included into the body of the pen. There is obvious careful crafting in the construction of the body. It is a lightweight option which will sit comfortably in the hand.

The dimensions of the pen are 12.7cm capped, 14.8cm posted x 11.7mm diameter. For most people the smaller nature of the pen means that the most comfortable way to use it will be with the cap posted.

Take a look at the range of available Pelikan M205 fountain pens that are currently being offered for sale. The dark matte black finish of the pen contrasts beautifully with the shiny grip and cap for a professional look. Make sure you click through to each product page to get a more complete description of each pen being offered for sale.

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As with all pens in the Pelikan range the nib of the pen is easily changeable and will allow you to decide what thickness you wish to use. The supplied nib is steel although it is a simple matter to replace it with a gold nib. Although many experiences will differ slightly the Pelikan nibs are smooth and even and capable of delivering a consistent wet line.

The trims are silver and the filling mechanism is piston with a large ink capacity. The piston mechanism is smooth and easy to use making it a simple matter of re-inking the pen.

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