Sheaffer Fountain Pens

Not only are Sheaffer fountain pens some of the most collectable but some of them feature some of the most important innovations that have influenced the fountain pen industry. The company began when Walter A. Sheaffer came up with the idea of creating a fountain pen that was equipped with a lever to make it easier to refill the pen.

From a small start in 1913 the Sheaffer pen company has grown to become an industry leader. Collecting Sheaffer fountain pens is a very popular pastime for fountain pen fans who like to specialize with a rich history of filling methods with pen models that vary in size, shape and style.

The Sheaffer brand is one of the best known pen brands in the world and the fountain pens that have been and continue to be produced by the company are noted for their design quality and smooth writing action. The company was started by Walter A. Sheaffer in 1908 and he started with a newly designed patent for his fountain pens, a lever filling system that ensured the Sheaffer pens were easy to fill. From this early beginning the company has gone from strength to strength and has changed hands a number of times, yet the same high quality and craftsmanship has been evident over the years.

New and vintage Sheaffer fountain pens are equally popular with the antique Sheaffer fountain pens providing collectors with many models to choose from.

The White Dot and Design Features

One of the most recognizable markings in the pen industry is the white dot on the clip of the Sheaffer pen. The White Dot was introduced in 1924 and it is a very simple way of identifying a Sheaffer pen no matter when it was produced. A couple of other features or designs that were introduced by Sheaffer include the Touchdown filling mechanism and the inlaid nib. Some of the more innovative designs were then incorporated into subsequent fountain pen designs, some of which ensured the success of these pens for an extended period of time.

Sheaffer Fountain Pen Models – Information and Sales

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Sheaffer 300

Sheaffer 500

Sheaffer Agio

Sheaffer Agio Compact

Sheaffer Balance

Sheaffer Connaisseur

Sheaffer Flat Top

Sheaffer Intensity

Sheaffer Intrigue

Sheaffer Javelin

Sheaffer Legacy

Sheaffer PFM

Sheaffer Prelude

Sheaffer Targa

Sheaffer Tuckaway

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